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So our journey with Bobbo Steins started 8/27/13 when he went in for ACL surgery but was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. He’s only three šŸ™ We had chest x-rays done on 8/28/13 and the next day mets were confirmed in his lungs. He was given two months to live. Amputation of his back left leg was done on 8/30/13. Since then we searched out and found the best of the best as far as we’re concerned, Dr. Alice Villalobos at PawSpice in LA. She had a similar situation (snowstorm of lung mets) with a dog named Murph last year. She put Bobbo on the same path of meds since it cleared Murph. She has him on Famotidine (40mg) 1xday, Lomustine (5mg) for four days then a day off, Reglan 10mg 2xday, Masitinib (150mg) 2xday, and T-Cyte injections.

On top of that we have changed his diet to holistic and use K9 Immunity products plus Krill Oil, IP-6, Digestive Enzymes, Astragalus Root, and Agaricus Bio. We’ve been doing CarboPlatin (300mg) on 9/11. 10/9, and on 10/30 dropped the dose and used a new treatment called iTherm with the chemo. We now go once a week through November. This week his ALT test (enzymes in his liver) unfortunately was extremely high so we discontinued the Lomustine for a week. He’s not very hungry so we bought A/D recovery food to kick start his appetitie along with Denamarin plus Immodium. Dr. V always has a solution for everything! So keep your fingers crossed as Bobbo is the second case she has cleared with this combination of meds. We love our boy so much and appreciate every day now. Not today and NOT WITHOUT A FIGHT!!!

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The beginning…

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Our first day with Bobbo as a three legged badass! We started the week off thinking he was going in for ACL surgery. We live in Clovis, California and found an amazing sugeon, Dr. Cervi. Both him and his assistant Charlie were angels. Surgery started Tuesday afternoon and I was on a plane to JFK for work. What could go wrong? As soon as my boyfriend answered my question on the flight with, “Maybe we should discuss it when you get to New York.” I knew it was bad. I forced him to tell me with three hours left on the plane. Dr. Cervi didn’t find any knee damage but suspected either cancer or a fungal infection. I turned around and flew back to Fresno the next morning. We took Bobbo to our local vet for chest x-rays that afternoon. One thing I have learned in a short time is to get things done quickly and don’t wait for people to call you back. By Thursday the bone biopsy was back with a diagnosis of Osteosarcoma and the chest x-rays with metastatic cancer. Wtf? Our baby is three years old. We decided to set up an appointment with UC Davis because they are the best of the best. I called and it was a consultation the first time around and they wanted us to wait another two weeks for amputation. NO WAY! Our surgeon suggested Dr. Wendi Rankin in Dublin at SAG Vet. She graduated from UC Davis and was able to get us in the following day for amputation of the back left leg. We all understood though that it was only for pain control and that his life expectancy was only two to four months. My boyfriend Bill found Dr. Dressler online and we decided to also start the holistic route reading the Dog Cancer Survival Guide. We have hope and positive energy now and will fight every day to give Bobbo a quality of life. His surgery went well and we picked him up the next day, amazed as he ran out of the room when he saw us, wagging his tail! Unbelievable! His first night with us was good. He ate his new dinner meal and went to the bathroom, being able to walk on his own. Three legs hasn’t slowed him down a bit. This morning he peed twice and even pooped before noon. We are on a complete rest regiment for two weeks now until the incision heals. There is so much negativity we could focus on but we both are choosing a WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER attitude. We still have our appointment with UC Davis on Tuesday morning and hope to sign up for either an experimental treatment or chemo as soon as possible. Bill ordered Apocaps and nutritional supplements for Bobbo once his healing is finished. I had a laundry list of chicken, calf livers, berries, garlic, mushrooms, veggies, etc. that have been recommended by Dr. Dressler. Bobbo LOVES it! So we start the journey as a family…we love him so much.DSC08291

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